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To find a reliable partner for business growth is like finding a four leaf clover - It won’t happen to everybody, but when you have one, it brings you good luck and success. You have just found your lucky clover.

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We are dedicated to information systems for over 20 years. We began as a team of developers and consultants specializing in western and northern Europe and over time we have worked our way  back home to Czech republic and Slovakia. For this reason even you can use our experience from implementations in 18 different countries.   

We are a Gold partner of Microsoft  and the right wingman for your company.  

We specialize in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) and CRM. We don’t spread ourselves too thin by focusing on other ERP systems, we rather take what we already know and polish it to perfection. Our customers appreciate that - most of them are with us for over 10 years and are glad to find a partner in us, who can always be relied upon. 


Essence in numbers


20 years

in this field, 15 of which on the Czech market 


17 customers

are with us for over than 10 years  


180 companies

have implemented with us  


97 %

were satisfied with our services  


19 employees

are in the Essence team over 10 years   

11of these more than 15


18 countries

in which we have implemented 



Not sure if we are the right partner for you? Read about the values, that we built on the most. If you feel the same way, get in contact with us. We will understand each other well.


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Four leaf clover of Essence


In 20 years we have gathered experiences you won’t find anywhere else. We know the specifics of your business and we know how to help you.


We value communication with our client. We will listen to you, understand your needs and adapt to your requirements.


Our customers know, that they can rely on us. Therefore they stay with us even for 15 years.


No matter what , we are on the  phone and ready to take action. After many years in business we rely on proven work procedures.

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