CRM system Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

Improve your relationships with your customers. How? Simply: with cloud based CRM system, that allows you to have all contacts in one place.

You know all the important information about the customer and you can sign a contract with them simply on a tablet in their home.

With  Microsoft Customer Engagement system (earlier MS Dynamics 365 CRM) you get an overview and you can manage sales at any time from any device. 


With Microsoft Customer Engagement 

you get an overview and you can manage sales at any time. 

And from any device. 


- You gather your contacts in one place. 

- You will gain an overview about how the sale went and you can make it faster and more efficient.  

 - You can see all activities, appointments  or unfinished tasks. 

- The system will make the creation and management of documents, such as contracts with your customers easier.  


Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement is fully compatible with all other Microsoft tools, therefore we can connect it for example with ERP system Business Central (Navision). Its interface is similar to the interface of other MS applications. Thanks to that, everyone who already knows MS Office will easily orient themselves in the system and you will save time and money for training.  

System contains simple management of activities, such as appointments, calls and also project management including quotation, closing contracts, planning and allocation of resources. It can notify you about unfinished tasks and will also make sure, that your customers never needlessly wait for service.  



For a smooth implementation choose a Gold Microsoft Partner. Do you want to make sure, that your system will work as intended and fit your company precisely? That exactly why we are here. We have perform dozens of implementations and we will take care of yours as well. 


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What Customer Engagement can do? 

The system will streamline the processes in your company from managing contacts to marketing. It has several specialized modules for this purpose:  

1 | Dynamics 365 Sales

Using this module you will keep track of business relations and contacts, develop your sales from the initial interest to finalization of the order, create sales materials, marketing lists and campaigns, and even track cases related to providing services, tied to specific business relations or opportunities.    

2 | Dynamics 365 Marketing 

Autonomous application, that helps transform potential clients to business relationships. The application is easily useable, works without issues with technology Dynamics 365 for Sales and has an inbuilt business intelligence.   

3 | Dynamics 365 Customer Service

This module will help you create great relationships with your customers and ensures their long-term satisfaction. Here you will find tools, that will make your service management for customers easier.  

4 | Dynamics 365 Field Service

It expands the application by adding complete management functionality, including service delivery sites, customer assets, preemptive maintenance, work orders management, resource management, inventory of products, planning and delivery, mobility, cooperation, customer invoicing and analytical tools.    

5 | Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation 

It contains functions, that help sales and realization teams to acquire new customers and deliver billable projects in time and within budget.  



Why to simplify customer management with Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement?  



  1.  It is used by hundreds of companies, is compatible with other MS software, and anyone who knows Microsoft applications will easily understand the user interface. With the system you can work anytime, anywhere and using any device.  Therefore it is not a problem to close a contract on a tablet while visiting a client.  
  2. Unify your address book - both companies and end customer. You can also transfer your address book into the ERP system.  
  3. You will gain an overview of the business process flow, yours sales representatives won’t forget their tasks, and furthermore you will uncover spots, that can be made more efficient.  
  4. Effective service management will improve your communication with customer and their relationship with you. Your service will be more reliable, your customers happier and more loyal.  
  5. Provide your sales team with a reliable and efficient customer management and communication. System Dynamics 365 will reward you with firm and long-lasting customer relations.  


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