Document Management System (DMS) – Solution by Essence

All company documents on one spot, well arranged and easy to look up. It could soon be reality in your company.

Save time normally lost on searching for invoices or contracts  - with Document Management system you will find them within seconds.  

This system based on Microsoft SharePoint originates from a frequent need of our customers: Save documents in a way, that they cannot get lost and that you quickly find the one that you are looking for. That is exactly what Document Management system can do.


- It creates a database of contracts, invoices, travel documentation and other company documents.  

- It safely archives all documents. 

- It will allow you access from any device.  

- It speeds up the approval process - documents will be automatically sent for approval.  

- It allows searching for documents by date, type and other parameters.  


System is fully integrated with other Microsoft products and furthermore you can connect it to your ERP system, such as MS Dynamics NAV (Dynamics 365 Business Central). 

Thanks to it the documents are available to the all authorized employees through simple web interface. And because it builds on MS SharePoint, it can also contain company information and chat.  

For a smooth implementation choose Gold Microsoft Partner.  


Do you want to make sure, that your system will work as intended and fit your company precisely? That exactly why we are here. We have performed dozens of implementations and we will take care of yours as well.   


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