ERP system Dynamics 365 Business Central

Do you want to know what is going on in your company from supplies to sales? You need a proven ERP system, which will interconnect your whole company. Dynamics 365 Business Central (Navision) is exactly that.

With it you will gain important data, find weaknesses  and streamline operations of the whole company.  




How will Business Central (Navision) improve the functioning of your company?   

The full use of the standard  

 -    You will orient yourself in company activities and gain control over them  

 -    You will easily analyze specific processes  

 -    You will uncover weak spots in time  

 -    You will improve and make your production more efficient  

 -    You will prevent losses and flaws in manufacturing  

 -    You will find out about any money leaks   


Business Central is proven solution from Microsoft. It means, that everyone who knows MS Word or Excel will quickly learn how to use it and you can easily connected it with other Microsoft products.  And because it runs on cloud, you can expand the system with further modules, almost as easily as you would download a phone app.      

It is also compatible with smart devices, therefore  you can check your supplies from your phone or connect readers and tablets in your warehouse. 



For a smooth implementation choose a Gold Microsoft Partner. Do you want to make sure, that your system will work as intended and fit your company precisely? That exactly why we are here. We have perform dozens of implementations and we will take care of yours as well.  


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Which areas in your company will become more transparent with Business Central?


Finance and electronic exchange of accounting data –  payments, cash flow management, profits, financial statements , foreign currencies, fixed assets etc. ​​​

Sales – sales process and information management, such as quotations, orders, profits and customer accounts, deliveries

Purchasing –  purchasing process and information management, such as invoices, orders, statements and sales accounts and purchase of items from sales receipts.

Business Inteligence –  overview of business activities performance through budget , accounting plans and analyses 

Warehouse management  – ensuring an efficient flow of merchandise 

Production, construction and planning – defining supplies and their capacities, operations planning, management of production components  and productions operations  

  Project management – creating tasks and resource planning, managing budgets of individual jobs, monitoring progress and tracking machine and employee hours.

Supplies   – registration of new inventory items or services, categorization of items for ease of search, modification of inventory levels and tasks relating to supply calculation.  

Management of incoming mail – The ability to upload external documents into Business Central including attachments and then manual creation of related documents or automatically transfer files to electronic documents.


All of this while the system is still clear and easy to you. Take a look at the video! 



Why improve your company processes with Dynamics 365 Business Central? 

  1. The system is tried and tested  by hundreds of companies. It is based on the popular  ERP system Navision, which was modernized to suit today's companies. 
  2. It will gather data from every corner of your company. No more delays, unnecessary mistakes in production and lost money, which you didn't  even  know you were losing.  
  3. The user interface is similar to other Microsoft software, so it easy for anyone to quickly learn how to  use it.   
  4. Business Central is fully integrated with other Microsoft applications. From MS Office to  CRM system Customer Engagement.  

Furthermore we will take care of a smooth implementation for you.  Make your company more efficient with a  proven system from Microsoft.   


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