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Failed implementation - We will help you

Failed implementation belongs to expensive mistakes. System doesn’t work as intended or can’t be used at all and the current partner barely communicates. What can you do now?

We will help you. We have already fixed a great number of failed implementations which allows us to quickly discover what the problem is and how to solve it. Furthermore  we will provide first-class service. That is one of the reasons why  our customers stay with us for 10 (or even more) years.  


 What problems do we encounter the most? 


 After the implementation you have issues with the installation itself  

 The system is not working as intended  

 The system is different than what was promised   

 Your partner has not met neither contract milestones or price and does not communicate


Such problems are relatively common so together we can easily find a way out of it. We can however help you even with less traditional problems - ERP and CRM systems have been our focus for over 20 years and we have 35 professionals that enjoy finding personalized solutions for our clients.   

Did you know that the issue is usually not the choice of your system but most often lies with the implementation partner?  We work exclusively with Microsoft systems and we’ve had the best experience with them. If you have chosen Microsoft product, there is no reason to change it - you only need the right and reliable partner.  


A story from experience 

Failed implementation 

One of our clients is a large-scale curtains manufacturer that originally ordered their system from a different company. This implementation partner did not deliver on time and what’s worse - the system did not work. When the client wanted the issue to be fixed, the supplier refused. This whole charade cost not only their time, but also money and caused a lot of unnecessary stress, without actually providing a system in the end.   

Then, our company was recommended to the client. In Essence, we fixed the system issues and made sure everything not only worked but also made the processes in the client’s company more efficient. For instance, the new system is now capable of planning how goods can be stored on pallets and in delivery trucks, it monitors manufacturing costs and helps to make use of residual materials. It even allows adding an express order into production, without slowing down the rest of production.   



Do you also want to fix a failed implementation and reach a satisfactory conclusion, just as our client from the story above? Just contact us and let us show you a better way of doing it! 

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What do our clients say? 

Advanced manufacturing, kiosk use 

"Together with Essence, we were able to significantly optimize internal processes and production logistics." 

Ing. Jindřich Geisselreiter, C.O.O. 

Essence became our winner 

"Essence was able to best respond to our requests and offered quick adjustments. We appreciate the fair and professional conduct of this company!" 

Miroslav Pszczólka, Chairman of the Board 

Four reasons for cooperation with Essence


20 years of experience

We have worked with dozens of companies from 15 countries. Thanks to this we know the problems you may experience in your industsry and we can help you out. 


Customers stay with us

Our customers have been with us for 10 years or more. They appreciate a long term and reliable partner.


We can help world wide 

We have experience with international implementations across Europe. We will help you in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.


Bespoke solutions

We can offer you customized solutions. Over the years, we have come across typical needs of various customers and managed to solve them by bespoke packages of customisations. This saves you time and money.

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