Insufficient internal company data

Are you losing track of what's going on in the company? You need reliable data – without them, you cannot analyze, plan or improve.

We will help you take firm control of the processes with a system, that will connect the whole process from your purchasing and stock management, to finance. 

You therefore get valuable information, thanks to which the functioning of the entire company will be more efficient. 

We already helped dozens of companies both in the Czech republic and abroad. 
Thanks to our system, they no longer experience slowdowns in production, they decreased the percentage of faulty products and reduced the time needed for administrative work. 


What can we do for you? 


  • Analyze the processes in your company 

  • Design a system to cover all your needs 

  • Take care of flawless implementation 

  • Provide reliable customer support  

Thanks to the above, it will be easy for you to identify any weak spots and processes, that can be improved. You will find out any stock shortage or high error  rate of production on time, which in turn increases the satisfaction of your end customer. 

To put it simply, you will stop losing valuable data, that you possibly don´t even know exist. 

Story from experience 

A lack of data 

One of our clients, a large real estate development company, relied for a long time on an of-the-shelf accounting software combined with Excel files. Such system is not entirely practical, for managing 22 companies! Communication takes a long time and is complicated, and the data is inconsistent at best. 

That is why we implemented and ERP system, that replaced the accounting software and allowed for central management and consolidation of all companies. Over time we added a module for budget and costing of projects, a sales module and a project schedule management module. 

The chaos in the data and communication problems are in the past. The team member now relay instruction directly in the system, the processes run much faster and data are accessible to all users as needed. With the same number of employees, the company can serve much more projects and client at one time. 



Do you also want to fix a failed implementation and reach a satisfactory conclusion, just as our client from the story above? Contact us and let us show you, that there is another way! 

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What do our clients say?

Advanced manufacturing, kiosk use 

"Together with Essence, we were able to significantly optimize internal processes and production logistics." 

Ing. Jindřich Geisselreiter, C.O.O. 

Essence became our winner 

"Essence was able to best respond to our requests and offered quick adjustments. We appreciate the fair and professional conduct of this company!" 

Miroslav Pszczólka, Chairman of the Board 

Four reasons for cooperation with Essence


20 years of experience

We have worked with dozens of companies from 15 countries. Thanks to this we know the problems of companies in your field and we can help. 


Customers stay with us

Our customers have been with us for 10 years or more. They praise that they have found a reliable partner for us in their business.


We will help you abroad

We have experience with implementation across Europe. We will help you in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Tried and tested solutions

We can handle customized solutions. Over the years, however, we have observed the typical needs of companies and solved them with special packages. This saves you time and money.

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