Selected references

Both Czech and international companies.We help companies from various business fields, from the Czech airline SmartWings, to a world renown manufacturer of cycling apparel – Kalas Sportswear.

Join the companies, that have successfully organized their business with our help. 

Full use of the standard

 „I appreciate the approach of Essence and the skills of their experts, who are capable of open and professional communication about our situation and problems.“ 

Ing. Lumír Přibyl, co-founder

Rich use of the ERP system

„Our long-term, regular and dependable cooperation with Essence allows us to successfully develop and optimize the production process, including implementation of cutting-edge technologies.“ 

Ing. Petr Blažek, CEO


Advanced manufacturing, kiosk use

"Together with Essence, we were able to significantly optimize internal processes and production logistics." 

Ing. Jindřich Geisselreiter, C.O.O.

Essence became our winner

"Essence was able to best respond to our requests and offered quick adjustments. We appreciate the fair and professional conduct of this company!" 

Miroslav Pszczólka, Chairman of the Board 


Four reasons for cooperation with Essence 


In 20 years we have gathered experiences you won’t find anywhere else. We know the specifics of your business and we know how to help you.


We value communication with our client. We will listen to you, understand your needs and adapt to your requirements.


Our customers know, that they can rely on us. Therefore they stay with us even for 15 years.


No matter what , we are on the  phone and ready to take action. After many years in business we rely on proven work procedures.