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Service and support – A stable team of Essence experts will take care of you

Reliable partner. There is exactly what you need for the implementation and subsequent use of your ERP or CRM system. Perhaps your partner doesn’t fit this criterion. Maybe there is a better alternative.

In Essence we pride ourselves on excellent customer care. We provide the same services to all our customers, so that there is no distinction between big and small for us.  Everyone is equally important. We are on the phone, ready to help, no matter what.


How do we ensure excellent services?  

  • We assign a permanent team to you, which takes care of you from implementation to support.  
  • We put the deadlines in the contract - and we keep them.  
  • We have a detail system of helpdesk and support.  

We are there for you from process analysis, through implementation to support. It has proven valuable to assign you a specific implementation team: that allows the team to get to know your company and quickly solve any problem. Soon you will get used to working with them so much, that they will virtually become a part of your internal team.  


A story from our experience  

Insufficient support

Some clients already have an experience with companies, that don’t specialize on Microsoft systems, but use them as a side product. It is common with these companies, that their implementation goes without any problem, but afterwards they don’t have time to develop and support the system. The original implementation team is already assigned to a more important contract and therefore no one available knows the customer well enough to be able to provide them with support.   

There are no more and less important contract for us. We assign each client their own implementation team, that supports the customer from the beginning to the end of our cooperation. This team knows the customer well and is able to help in any time.  



Do you also want to experience working together with a reliable partner? A partner that is there for you when you need him? In Essence we are always available to help you. Let’s get to know each other and start a partnership that truly works.  


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What do our clients say about us? 

Full use of the standard 

„I appreciate the approach of Essence and the skills of their experts, who are capable of open and professional communication about our situation and problems.“

Ing. Lumír Přibyl, co-founder 

Rich use of the ERP system 

„Our long-term, regular and dependable cooperation with Essence allows us to successfully develop and optimize the production process, including implementation of cutting-edge technologies.“ 

Ing. Petr Blažek, CEO

Four reasons for cooperation with Essence


20 years of experience

We have worked with dozens of companies from 15 countries. Thanks to this we know the problems of companies in your field and we can help. 


Customers stay with us

Our customers have been with us for 10 years or more. They praise that they have found a reliable partner for us in their business.


We will help you abroad

We have experience with implementation across Europe. We will help you in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Tried and tested solutions

We can handle customized solutions. Over the years, however, we have observed the typical needs of companies and solved them with special packages. This saves you time and money.

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