In business, most of the time there is no place for missteps. Especially when dealing with tools for managing company processes.

That is why you should select a partner, that will take care of everything, from process analysis through implementation, to servicing reliably and in given timeframes. 

In the 20 years in business we have helped dozens of companies both in the Czech republic and internationally. We are a Gold Microsoft Partner and we can ensure flawless service for your company as well. 


What can we provide you with? 


From purchasing a license to a cloud solution by Essence 

Dynamics 365 products licensing

With Essence you communicate with an assigned, stable team, that knows your company 

Service and support

The most important step before designing and implementing the system 

Analysis and reengineering of processes

We will connect your company processes into one functional whole 

Systemic integration (communication with external system)

We will help you with implementation in the Czech republic and other countries too 

Cross-country implementation



We know the most common problems and we know the way out of them


After years of implementing, we know, that our customers need more than standard services. They need to take care of recurring problems. We have encountered such problem many times, so we know exactly how to reliably solve them. 


Failed implementation 

Did you know this is usually not a problem with the software? The error lies most often with the implementing party. 



Lack of data about internal company processes 

Without data, you can´t analyze. Without analysis, you can´t improve. We will be happy to help you with that. 



The current system is no longer sufficient 

A common problem – and nothing we couldn´t solve. We will design a tailor-made solution for your company. 



Lacking service from your current partner 

Why would you work with someone, that doesn´t provide you with proper service? In Essence, we proud ourselves on providing excellent support and customer care.




Four reasons for cooperation with Essence 


Building on 20 years of experience
We have already fixed so many failed implementation, that we can quickly and easily solve any typical (and even atypical) issues.  


We pride ourselves on providing great customer support
With us, a stable team is always at your service. A team that knows you and your situation well and is happy to work with you. 


Our clients stay with us
Many of our clients are with us for over 10 years. This is true also for the experts of the Essence team.


We deliver in time
We set up the deadlines together and put them on the contract. With us you are guaranteed to have the results ready on time.

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