Application for management reporting Business Intelligence (Power BI)

Why do your reports in a complicated way, when an easier one is available? With Microsoft Power BI software, your planning and analysis is quick and simple.

Focus only on the data, that you care about and save hours of work creating your reports.


Power BI can be easily connected with other systems and databases, from which it can draw data and helps you to evaluate it. 

- You will simply „click in“ which data you care about 

- The data will be simple to view in well-arranged graphs 

- Evaluation and planning becomes simpler, because all your data is in the same place 

- The reporting tools will help you save hours 


Furthermore, Power BI is a well proven tool from Microsoft – hundreds of companies are already using it and it is simple to get accustomed to for anyone who already knows MS Office. Take a look on the inside of this software! 




For a smooth implementation, choose a Gold Microsoft Partner. Do you want to make sure your system works as intended and will fit your company like a glove? That´s exactly why we are here. We have dozens of implementations under our belt and we will take care of your one just as well. 


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Analyze and create reports easier with Power BI 

1 | You will make work easier for yourself and everyone who deals with analysis, data evaluation and reporting in your company. 

2 | You will easily make great reports, usable outside the company as well.

3 | Connection to external data sources is quick and flexible.

4 | Power BI can draw data not only from MS tools (like MS Excel, Dynamics 365 BC and CE) but also other external databases (Oracle, MySQL etc.) or online services (Google Analytics, Facebook, MS SharePoint, Azure etc.)

Every user in your company will also modify their own work interface and select which data they need to work with. 

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